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Now, Get the Research Behind the Rankings!

CollegeConsole.com has compiled an extensive database on the top residential colleges in America.

Our custom reports allow you to tap into this vast storehouse of vital information.

Our reports give you the essential facts in a consistent, easy-to-use format. Plus you can customize the report to display information about the academic field and extracurricular activity that interest you most.

On Paper?

That's right. We take all that information and do something radical with it: We put it on paper.

Each college is profiled on a single, easy-to-read page, complete with color illustrations and little-known facts. And each page is formatted similarly, making for quick and decisive comparisons.

The pages are spiral bound in an attractive report customized with the student's name and delivered via Priority or Overnight mail. These colorful, vivid reports help get students moving on the arduous process that is college admissions. (Some of our clients even admit to getting a little bit excited.)

Put our research to work for you.

Building A Custom Report

It's easy to order a customized report from CollegeConsole.com.

     Step 1. Identify the colleges you want to find out about.

     Step 2. Decide whether you're interested in one or both of our special reports:

     Step 3. Contact College Console! If there are pertinent possibilities you haven't considered, we'll point them out. We can also advise you on the tricky process of college applications.

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