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You can click here for an overview of the major features of our system. In addition, we've tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions below. If your question isn't answered here, you can click here to contact us.

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How is the College Console different from other college search tools?

If you've used college search tools on the web, you know how frustrating they can be. Tell them what you’re looking for, check all the right boxes--and get back a result list containing hundreds, or even thousands, of colleges.

We take a different approach. Our College Console relies on more than just simple database search. It bases results on more than forty factors--weighted the way you specify! And we limit the results you see to the top twenty matches--a list of possibilities you'll want to consider carefully.

Will the College Console pick the right college for me?

Only you can pick the college that's right for you. Our goal is to help you narrow your choices based on a mathematical analysis of the academic, extracurricular, demographic, and geographic attributes that you're looking for in a college. Chances are you'll turn up some intriguing possibilities that you wouldn't have otherwise considered.

What if I'm not sure what I'm looking for in a college?

That's the magic of the College Console. Try one group of settings and see what you get. Then try another group and find out how the results compare. You can even save up to five named rankings for later reference, and line up saved rankings side-by-side on a single screen.

What's the best way to use all the features available on CollegeConsole.com?

The best way is the way that makes sense to you! Of course, you'll want to start by using the College Console to find the colleges that come closest to meeting your specifications. You can then

  • Return to the College Console to refine your selections and see how your ranking changes
  • Store colleges of interest--up to 20 of them--in your "Go-To" List for later reference.
  • Save or publish a ranking you especially like. Published rankings are hosted on our web site.  To save or publish a ranking, or to create a Go-To List, you must first create a College Console.com account, but this is free and requires only an e-mail address, a user name, and a password.
  • Compare up to five saved rankings side by side--and color-code them to find out which colleges they have in common.
  • Order a custom report to find out more about specific academics and extracurriculars at colleges that interest you.

What about the college counselor at my high school?

Your college counselor can be an invaluable resource--be sure to treat him or her accordingly! But there's just one problem with college counselors: Sometimes there aren't enough of them to go around. The College Console can give you a meaningful head start on the process of college search, so when it's your turn to sit down with the college counselor you'll be able to make the most of your time.

Do colleges pay to be included in your database?

Colleges don't pay us or endorse us, and we don't pay or endorse them. Our custom reports pull together a great deal of important, useful information in an objective, independent fashion. The result is a colorful quick reference that will help busy students make comparisons between the colleges that interest them the most--all for about what you'd pay for a decent pair of shoes.

Are your rankings a composite of other published rankings?

We use our own system to rate colleges in over 40 areas; we don't rely on other systems. And we don't buy into colleges' claims of "the best" unless there's information to back up those claims.

The same is true of our research reports: We keep it real. You get key information on the practical details that will shape your college experience, not the breathless descriptions that you find in some college guides.

Couldn't I get all this information myself?

Sure! You can also bake your own bread. Kind of messy, kind of fun, and it takes a lot longer than you expect. But the choice is yours. Order one of our custom reports, or use the links in your Go-To List to start building your own college profiles.

How do I incorporate colleges in my Go-To List into a custom report?

You can use our Report Builder to select any of the 225 colleges in our system, including those stored in your Go-To List, for inclusion in a custom report. To find out more about our custom reports, click here.

Where do I set up my Crew, publish my rankings, and do all that other cool stuff?

Your Account Manager gives you control over all these functions. After you create an account, you'll see a link that says Manage Your Account at the top of the page every time you log in.

If I create a CollegeConsole.com account, do I have to publish my rankings?

No. Creating an account at CollegeConsole.com is free and puts you under no obligation to do anything. In fact, new accounts by default are set up for maximum privacy. You must "opt-in" to publish rankings, to allow people to comment on your rankings, or to be included in our member lookup. And you can turn off these features at any time. Even if you never use these features, you can still use our system to find colleges, save rankings, and maintain a Go-To List of up to 20 colleges.

Why must I enter my e-mail address to register?

Registration is a simple process that requires only an e-mail address, a password, and a user name. We use your e-mail address to keep track of which rankings are yours and which colleges belong in your Go-To List.